GRAPHIC DESIGN & photography

by Allison kazmierski



 the story

why font & figure?

because stories without images are just plain boring.


Because I’m all about photography & design that makes a statement about who YOU are – who your family is, what your big day looks like, how your business is changing lives.

I’m about photographing the moments that you want to relive – again & again. The excitement of your courthouse wedding, the chaos of a brand new baby, the quiet stillness of your new home.

I’m also about designing the logo that you can’t wait to see on a billboard, a website that you won’t stop talking about & a menu that makes your patrons stop & take notice.

Light, texture, pattern & people all inspire my work. The overlooked details are what I love to capture & highlight in both design & photography.




design work

custom logos

hand-built logos for clients both big & small, brand new & well established





behind the scenes

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